quinton arendse

quinton headshot

co-founder / head trainer (senior)

mixed martial arts . brazilian jiujitsu (black belt, GFT) . kickboxing . boxing . karate kyokushin (black belt) . fitness . strengthening conditioning . personal trainer

south-african-born, ​quinton has been a professional fighter and coach for over 10 years. he has lived and worked solely as a professional fighter in ​japan to compete in ​brazilian ​​jiujitsu, ​mm​a an​d muaythai; a rare breed ​who can teac​h multiple​ disciplines well. he ​is one of the most sought-after mma trainers in hong kong, especiall​y in the professional circle – he ha​s a unique way of teaching his students for them to absorb his teachings, ​he understands each individual’s needs and personalises trainin​g to maximise results.


phil mcalpine

phil casual small

trainer (senior)

muaythai (40+ fights). boxing . fitness . strengthening & conditioning . nasm qualified

born in ​england, ​phil came to ​hong ​kong in 2010 after spending many years in ​thailand, living and training with some of the best ​muay​thai fighters in the world. he teaches our ​muaythai classes, and is available for ​private ​training sessions.


michael dacuno

mike casual small

trainer (junior)

muaythai . mma . fitness . strengthening & conditioning . nasm qualified

michael grew up in hong kong, studying sports science and started training since he was in his late teens. he has an excellent base in muaythai and mma – competing in and winning professional fights. he is conscientious and an excellent trainer. he teaches muaythai and fitness classes, and is also available for private training sessions.