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If you are not sure on martial arts or joining a small gym, this is the perfect chance for you to experience Versus the organic way!

We will open the gym to EVERYONE every first Monday of every month from September 2016. You can join one or ALL of the scheduled classes that day.

This offer is open to existing members as well, so if you’ve been doing Muaythai for a while and want to delve into MMA or BJJ, this is your time. Bring a friend to make it extra fun.

*The only catch is you can come to our open day once every 3 months, eg. if you come in September, then you are eligible to come again in December, not October or November*

Booking essential, please call us 2851 1929 or email hello@versushk.com to mark your spot now.

2016.08.25 Open Mondays public