Here’s a list of questions and comments we often get, hope this can answer yours! If not please feel free to contact us

What do I need to bring? 

Muaythai: shorts and t-shirt
MMA: mma shorts (or longer shorts) and t-shirt (rash guard if you have one)
BJJ: rash guard if you have one, extra pair of underwear

We provide towels and basic amenities for free. We sell water and other drinks on premise.

The gym smells!

We understand that many gyms crank up their air-con to eliminate odour (by minimising sweatiness), so it does take a bit of getting used to when they come to Versus. We avoid turning on the air-con not because we are cheap, but because we believe it is good to let the body do what it naturally does (sweat during exercise) and it is definitely not healthy to be blasted with cold air when your pores are open from sweating.

We do turn on fans and open windows to promote air circulation. Air-con is turned on only when it is deemed absolutely necessary.